How I Met Your Mother's Duvet @

How I Met Your Mother’s Duvet

How I Met Your Mother's Duvet @ BAndBBuildALife.comHave you ever been inspired to DIY things you’ve seen on TV?  John and Sherry over at YHL find things they like on Cougar Town (or maybe Cougar Town shops their house?).  And though you can’t buy the items new, Ashley over at 7th House on the Left likes to ‘shop’ from her favorite classic TV show, Dick Van Dyke.

We we recently solved a linen dilemma in a similar way with a little help from How I Met Your Mother.  We’ll be having an extra full week with details of the project starting Monday!

Until then we’ll be playing some Penny Can and Marshallgammon to pass the time.  See you Monday!

Update: Here’s Part 1; and Part 2

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