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On Someday Man Caves and Missing Hockey

Last Thursday was supposed to be a jubilant day – the opening day of the 2012 NHL season.  The Flyers were to face the Bruins in a rematch of the Winter Classic.  But that was all put aside for the lockout.  Whatever the reasons for it, whatever your leanings towards a side, one thing is true – it will be a LOOONG Winter if all we’ll have is the KHL.

Which is why when I found this Man Cave on Pinterest it was all the more bittersweet.


The bones of this plan are AWESOME.  The downside, NYR.  Ew.  Bring on the Flyers and Penguins, please!  But how COOL would this be in a basement?  And to watch the game while being in your own ‘rink’?  Ohh to have a house of our own.  One step at a time!

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