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The Beer Diagram ~ Inexpensive Art

This one is ultra simple.  And if you're a catalog hoarder, should be free for you too. Yes, that is the Christmas 2012 Crate&Barrel catalog.  In the drinkware section there's this handy guide to different types of beers. Grab your favorite empty frame... ...Get to taping.... ...and there you have it! Now go hang it… Continue reading The Beer Diagram ~ Inexpensive Art

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On Someday Man Caves and Missing Hockey

Last Thursday was supposed to be a jubilant day - the opening day of the 2012 NHL season.  The Flyers were to face the Bruins in a rematch of the Winter Classic.  But that was all put aside for the lockout.  Whatever the reasons for it, whatever your leanings towards a side, one thing is… Continue reading On Someday Man Caves and Missing Hockey