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Snacking with the Gilmore Girls

For those under a rock, Netflix is a wonderful company.  WHY?  Because they are bringing back our beloved Gilmore Girls for one final, 4-part curtain call.  The trailer was just released, and yes, there were tears.  Here it is for your viewing pleasure:

Bill & I are traveling with family to upstate NY for the Thanksgiving holiday, so we’ll have to delay our viewing from the premiere date of 11/25, so we’re planning to take a bonus day off to have our very own, delayed viewing party on 11/28.  But we’re planning on doing it up right complete with a full menu any Gilmore would approve of.  Interested in trying some of these recipes?  Here’s the full Pinterest Board with the goodies!

Hors d’oeuvre/appetizer

 Mini Taco Cups from Passion for Savings Mini Taco Bowls
From Passion for Saving
  Red Vines


Mac and Cheese.  Think about it.  There’s noodles in a broth of cheese.  IT COUNTS.  And Paris Gellar basically lived on this with Rory through her depressed post-Asher days.
We like Kraft for a quick fix, like this golden cheesey goodness:

BUT if you’d prefer to make your own, this recipie from Spicey Southern Kitchen looks divine!  And you can’t beat creamy gooey Mac N Cheese!
Super Creamy Mac n Cheese


Swedish.  Done and done.

Main Course

Pizza.  Of course.  Our favorite local bite?  Angelo’s on Liberty Ave in Pittsburgh.  But whatever delivery floats your boat.  Gilmore Girls I'll Eat to That Pizza Gif


Orange Chicken.  This staple from Al’s Pancake World could not be forgotten.  And it counts as a salad option because there’s scallions on there and that’s like a vegtable.  And Orange is a fruit.  And it’s got dressing on it.  Mmhmm.  This homemade version is pretty simple to whip up, from Rasa Malaysia
Orange Chicken


Pie.  Thanksgiving will have just happened.  Leftover Pie is the best kind of pie!

And no Gilmore celebration would not be complete without Mallowmars!
So that’s our ThanksGilmore menu.  Now, please, nobody post any spoilers between 11/25 and 11/28! …wishful thinking, right?

How will you be enjoying this television event?


~ Beth


Yes, this post has a few affiliate links included.  They help keep the lights on, but more importantly, while making Mac N Cheese from scratch is fancy – it’s just not the Gilmore way.  So go ahead, Treat-yo-self to the cheesey goo version from Kraft.  And really, don’t skimp on the Mallomars.  Lorelei will know.  😉