A Little Fall Decorating (And shameless deal bragging!)

Bringing back another old favorite, featuring the Mod Podge candles I re-blogged yesterday. Enjoy!

B & B Build A Life

So, it has officially been Fall for about a week now.  I’ve given in and enjoyed my first Pumpkin Spice Latte (Free with my living social coupon after 3 friends bought the deal from my link), and it was just as wonderful as I remembered it to be.

MMMM my first Pumpkin Spice Latte

Which means now it is finally time to share a little fall decorating (and shameless deal hunting) that I’ve been up to.

Fall 2012 Decor

Of course we have a lovely Ampersand in our living room.  I’ve used great restraint to only have ONE so far…. so far.  It was a full price find at Target last year, but those sort of things tend to go quick, so I bit the bullet and paid the full value.  The votive holders are from my previous project here.  The pumpkin was from my college days and managed to survive the multiple moves, while the milk glass

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Spooky Votives from BAndBBuildALife.com
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Spooky Mod Podge Candles

OhModgeGod! Yes, I'm making it happen, and no Mean Girl will stop me. I saw this post on CraftyScrappyHappy where she upcycled a Bath and Body Works candle by screen printing a pretty lace pattern on it. They came out beautiful and they inspired me to try my own version, only I don't have the… Continue reading Spooky Mod Podge Candles