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Bubble Wall

Who doesn’t love a good deal, amirite?  Well, when I found this convex mirror in the back of the DC area West Elm, I HAD to buy it – at only $9!  It had been in a display so it was ‘used’ and marked down $20!

So I’ve been trying to figure out where to put it since then…. and when some after Christmas shopping at Kohls managed to score me a pair of adorable round frames for only $3 each, I knew a wall of ‘bubbles’ was in order.

west elm clearance score @

The frames allot for a handy 4×4 size, perfect for instagrams!

Though, oddly enough, neither of the photos I chose were originally instagrams.  Because of the ‘bubble’ idea, I wanted to keep a water theme, so I selected 2 pictures of us on different beaches.  One from last summer’s trip to OBX, and the other from a quick trip to Atlantic City.

west elm clearance score @

And because of the water theme, I knew just the place for them.  A small wall just outside our bathroom.

west elm clearance score @

It is a tight area with poor lighting, so you’ll have to excuse the poor photos in this post.

With a few command strips and a nail for the mirror, they were quickly lined up on the wall at about eye level.

west elm clearance score @

They’re subtle as the frames are pewterish and white, next to the white frame of the mirror on a white wall.  I also specifically made the photos sepia toned to help keep things neutral in tone.

west elm clearance score @

Yes, that’s me in the mirror.  In yoga pants and a hoodie.  This blogger’s uniform.  😉

The wall is small, so anything big and bold would have been too much.  But with the fun shape of the mirror you can see into the room around the corner now.

west elm clearance score @

In the future I might spray paint the mirror’s frame, but for right now this subtle little change makes me smile every time I walk out of the bedroom.

west elm clearance score @

~ Beth


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