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Tray-Tastic Clearance Shopping

Earlier this week I showed you some art that was hung up a tad last-minute…

last minute project hanging ampersand at BandBBuildALife.comIt’s a work in progress, but I wanted to balance the whole wall a  bit better.  So let’s take a look below…last minute project hanging ampersand at BandBBuildALife.comThere, on the console table, are a few old objects and a few new.  You should recognize the frame as a greeting card I spiffed up after a trip to Richmond…

greeting card inexpensive art @ BandBBuildALife.comAs for the jar, it’s just an old mason jar leftover after devouring some of my Dad’s famous apple sauce, which now stores our match books.  And the tray, that’s what this is all about.

clearance shopping decor tray gold leaf at BandBBuildALife.comclearance shopping decor tray gold leaf at BandBBuildALife.comThis little beauty called to me from the bottom of a clearance shelf at JC Penny.  A store I NEVER go into…. but after the sweet scores Bill & I made on clothes on clearance for less than we’d pay for at a Goodwill, I think I may be going back!  This tray was originally $26.  TWENTYSIXDOLLARS?!?!  For a little piece of glass?!?  I mean, it’s uber cute and I’m kinda a fan, but it would never have gone home with me if it weren’t marked down to a measly $3.99.  That’s a much better price for gold-leaf and fun colors to stow my tacks, loose change and whatever else I come across in my pockets.

clearance shopping decor tray gold leaf at

I’m kinda in love with it.  A little weirdly now.   …and I kinda wish I had this print in a larger, wall-sized version.  HOW COOL would wallpaper like this be?  …but alas, apartments aren’t too wall-paper-friendly.  (And the removable kind isn’t too wallet-friendly.)  Hmm.

So what sweet scores have you made in your shopping travels lately?

~ Beth