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Home Show-Offs ~ Inexpensive Art

About a month ago Pittsburgh hosted the annual home show.  Ordinarily, as we aren’t technically home-owners (renters unite!) we usually skip it, but we managed to get our hands on some free tickets and figured, why not?

We slip in late morning, and one of the first things we encounter is a lady with a wet canvas she’s carrying out before her like a precious artifact — all the while she was pointing down the way behind her and rambling about painting stuff.  Skeptics that we are, we decide to investigate, and found Wine and Canvas.

wine and canvas party painting painting at bar at

There are a few variations out there on the same concept, but basically you drink wine and paint.  They do it at bars and lounges, or you can host your own party.  Whatever floats your boat.  And they show you some basic techniques and you get to go home with your own custom artwork.

wine and canvas party painting painting at bar at wine and canvas party painting painting at bar at BandBBuildALife.comNow, this was a public event, so there wasn’t any wine for us this time, but I could absolutely see myself with a few friends, a glass of wine and enjoying the chance to get the creative juices flowing.  Like a classier version of a ladies craft night.  (Or, at least one that doesn’t involve any glue guns!)  There’s just something about holding a palette in one hand that feels classy!

wine and canvas party painting painting at bar at

When we were done, we each had a very different image of a sunflowers in a sunny field.

wine and canvas party painting painting at bar at

Neither of us would claim to be prodigies, but to be honest I really liked how they both came out.  I’m thinking some sort of gallery wall may be in our future.  I think the greens and blues would look nice with our bedroom colors.

wine and canvas party painting painting at bar at

Not sure how to hang these though.  Anyone hang canvas lately?  Should we get them framed or just hang them raw?  If raw, should I paint the edges?  Solid color or try to match the painting?  TOO MANY OPTIONS.  Hopefully we’ll actually get them hung though!

~ Beth

2 thoughts on “Home Show-Offs ~ Inexpensive Art

  1. either raw or framed would look nice.

    We have made some shadow frames really easily using box store wooden molding. Get the one that is l-shaped, big enough that it will be pretty close to flush with your canvas when it surrounds it, then make 4 45 degree cuts, assemble a square, nail from the back to the canvas, hang. You can stain, etc. to enhance your great artwork. These aren’t a lot of details, but I know if you get yourself in the right aisle of your local home store, you will be inspired to create great frames. 🙂

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