Cozy Fall Outdoor Spaces

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Ok, we all know it’s Pumpkin Spice season – which means fall is here! Summer in Pittsburgh was so hot we didn’t get to spend as much time outside as we’d like.  But, now that the weather is comfortable again and I just want to curl up outside with a good book in the sun.  Then, after that golden hour, I want to light the fire and cozy up with fresh s’mores.

Via RajPatel - How to Make the Perfect S'more
Via RajPatel – How to Make the Perfect S’more

I think fall is the superior time to plan your outdoor space for.  During the day the air is crisp and it’s still warm in the sun.  In the evening the chill makes you want to grab a blanket and snuggle up.  I see a more plush outdoor space that I’d love to create.  Though our new apartment has a balcony, i’m thinking bigger than what we can do now.  I can’t help but daydream about it…  Let’s pretend this beautiful view and deck are ours, a near empty slate.

Via Reflections in Puddles

Here’s what I’m thinking…

Cozy Fall Deck Decor Ideas

While I prefer less cushy outdoor furniture for dining areas, lounge areas really require a more plush place to put your tush.  This sectional from Arhaus is spacious and can be configured and moved around if you opt not to connect the pieces, making your space more multi-functional too.  Plus the Jacqueline Outdoor Poof is great to include as a casual place to prop your feet, or another cozy place to sit if you have a crowd.

Fall Deck Decor Pumpkin Spice Latte

Of course no cozy fall deck is complete without cozy pillows!  A few bright, pumpkin-orange chevron throw pillows layered beneath longer floral pillows means you’re sure to be able to arrange your pillows just right for comfort, no matter what odd angle you decide to read in.  To coordinate with the autumn color scheme, a cheery orange garden stool makes for a handy place to leave your latte as you dive into your favorite book.

Then, after the sun sets….

cafe lights over deck
Via Wren’s Rambles – check out their blog post about how the added these to their deck!

Fall Deck Decor Cozy Fireplace with Globe Lights

Sit back with your latte and enjoy the warmth of the fire beneath the soft glow of cafe lights twinkling over your head!  To ensure you don’t scorch your deck with a firepit, you can use a Deck Protect firepit pad that shields your wooden deck from the heat.   And when picking a firepit that you plan to use near your home, choose one with a removable screen to help catch and decrease flying ash.  This hexagonal shaped fire pit lifts the fire off the deck and is easy to clean too.  And of course, your string lights!  Use tall posts around the perimeter of your deck, and a guide wire for extra strength.  Such a cozy glow!

Ok…. now I need a hit of #PSL! Who’s ready for fall?  What’s your favorite way to enjoy the outdoors in fall?

~ Beth

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