7 Unique Wedding Signs & How to Accessorize them
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7 Awesome & Unique Wedding Signs

Tell me if you’ve heard this one before:

“Trust Me, You Can Dance.” ~ Vodka

I’m willing to bet you have – and I’m willing to bet you saw it at a wedding.  Or maybe on pinterest for a wedding.  Either way, it’s easily the most popular funny wedding sign you’ll ever come across.  We wanted to include signs — both informative signs because guests need to know things — and fun signs too.  Here’s a round-up of the pieces we created for our Outer Banks Beach Wedding.


As we highlighted in our Weddings in the Smart Phone Era post, hashtagging is basically a given for weddings.  We requested guests not take photos in the church, but wanted to be sure they felt free to snap away at our reception.  So we shared plenty of info at the reception about our wedding hashtag, and requesting that they use WedPics to help us crowdsource photos after the wedding was over.

Hashtag wedding sign with selfie sticks and hashtag marquee outer banks wedding obx

As a great accessory to the hashtag sign, we included the necessary hashtag marquee light (for sale!) and of course, selfie sticks.  Which def. got used.  A LOT.


Don’t Be Blinded By Our Love

On the same table as the selfie sticks, was the first of our two wedding favors offered – sunglasses!  Because really, what’s a beach wedding without sunnies?  And while the whole ‘Don’t be blinded by our love’ quote has been done, I think the print I created was unique enough.hashtag wedding sign and sunglasses wedding sign at BandBBuildALife

hashtag wedding sign and sunglasses wedding sign at BandBBuildALife

Do you know what really induces selfie photo shoots?  Selfie sticks & Sunglasses.  It was amazing.  (But I won’t embarrass anyone here with those photos….)

hashtag wedding sign and sunglasses wedding sign at BandBBuildALife

And while it’s not a major sign really, I did really like the version of a Bucket List Guest Book sign (Right above) I created.  Instead of people giving you general advice (“Don’t go to bed angry at eachother!” ~ BARF) we prompted our guests to give us bucket list ideas, particularly ones related to travel.  Advice on how to travel together, places to see before we die, etc… and we got some really neat notes and stories as a result.  We had a leather-bound travel journal for guest to write in and now we can add to it while on our adventures.


And, OK, BAR SIGNS.  They’re TOTALLY A HUGE DEAL on etsy.  It’s ridiculous really.  BUT I really loved this quote, so I made it my own, popped it into a simple, gold 8×10 frame and boom bar sign was made.  Whatcha think?

Hashtag wedding sign with selfie sticks and hashtag marquee outer banks wedding obx

This wedding will have an open bar funny wedding sign

Shenanigans were had.  Photos were taken.  Blackmail is possible.  MWAHAHAHA!

I Spy Game

This one has been done before, but I really loved the challenge of laying out all that text together, plus it was another way to share the Wedpics and Hashtag as well as encourage more than just selfies.

Hashtag wedding sign with selfie sticks and hashtag marquee outer banks wedding obx

These were designed to print two-to-a-page on a standard 8.5×11 sheet of paper.  The rest of the signs here were all printed on the same size paper then cut down to fit in standard 8×10 frames.  Keep it simple, people!

Bar Menu Sign

Speaking of the bar – did we mention the TOTALLY AWESOME frozen POP-TAILS we had!!  Yup, instead of boring snoozfest ‘signature cocktails’ we decided that as mature adults, having Popsicles at our super-hot summer wedding was much better.

Signiture cocktail menu popsicle frozen drink pop-tail

Top left is a close-up of the signature Pop-Tails menu we served, with two options.  A frozen Sangria or a PinaColada — with appropriately kitschy names.  (And, a close-up of the hashtag sign, Obviously)

In case you were wondering if the Pop-tails were enjoyed?  They were.  See Exhibit A – collected via our WedPics account.  (Thanks, Olivia!)

enjoying signature pop-tail frozen cocktail beverage at wedding

Bugs Be Gone

With an outdoor wedding of any kind, bugs happen.  With an outdoor wedding on the water, bugs swarm.  To combat this, our wedding venue, The Inn on Pamlico Sound, actually uses Lemongrass to deter bugs, has tiki-torches about, and provides hair and skincare products to their guests that contains lemongrass.  But for some guests, that’s just not enough, so we decided to include a Bug Spray station with a few cans of OFF.

be smitten not bitten bug spray station sign for wedding

A handy stop for guests that was most appreciated, and made them feel LOVED.  Like the last sign in our round-up.  Just a little fun take on the iconic LOVE Sign you’ve likely seen before.  What’s that you say?  You like it?  You want one?  SURE!

Click the button below to download a Printable PDF of the LOVE Sign!

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If you use the sign, SHOW US!  We’d love to see where you use it!  make sure to tag us on social or even comment below with what fun you come up with!

So what’s your favorite Wedding Sign you’ve ever seen?

~ Beth

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