A Little Fall Decorating (And shameless deal bragging!)

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So, it has officially been Fall for about a week now.  I’ve given in and enjoyed my first Pumpkin Spice Latte (Free with my living social coupon after 3 friends bought the deal from my link), and it was just as wonderful as I remembered it…

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An Expedit Bar

When you have a massive bookcase with 25 cubes of glorious storage space, what do you do? You put a bar in it. I should note that we are NOT big drinkers.  But there’s something so grown-up feeling when you have a designated ‘bar area’ of some sort.  That is especially true of one that… Continue reading An Expedit Bar


Taking Palmolive® Soft Touch to Task

So there’s a little thing that happens when you travel – whether it be abroad on vacation or just back and forth like I do to Pittsburgh from DC – my home tends to get pretty messy.  Unpacking sometimes doesn’t quite get the chance to finish before the next trip. Sometimes I just don’t have… Continue reading Taking Palmolive® Soft Touch to Task

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London Eyes Are Watching You

Mwahahaha now I KNOW you have this song stuck in your head.  Go ahead, thank me.  😉 But visiting the London Eye was the name of the game the evening of our full day in London, on bank holiday no less!  Yes, we managed to be in town for the first Monday after May 1st. … Continue reading London Eyes Are Watching You

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Of Royal Weddings And Phonebooths That Smell

After our overview of London by boat yesterday, today was the day, our only full day in London!  And though we already found one in Salisbury, we started our day with a few phone booths near our hotel. I find that the more ridiculous the face you can make, the better the photo. Speaking of… Continue reading Of Royal Weddings And Phonebooths That Smell

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Christchurch Priory & Palm Trees

So, resulting from a long-ago funny moment on a cruise, it was essentially decided that all vacations are not legit until a Palm tree is found. FORTUNATELY, Christchurch delivered.  Many times.  But this particular palm was a beaut.  As is the lass modeling with it. So now that the trip is legit, lets move on.… Continue reading Christchurch Priory & Palm Trees

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Eurotrip 2013 Checklist

Pssst – so, a combination of an overwhelming amount of photos, wanting to take some time off to just be in eachother’s presence after a paticularly long time apart from Bill, and then a pretty bad bout of food poisoning on Sunday/Monday has left things pretty quiet here on the blog and wayyyy delayed.  So… Continue reading Eurotrip 2013 Checklist

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Quick & Easy Fan Shirt

Hello all!  We were lazy bums last week because of the great weather we’ve had.  But this week we’ve returned with new vigor, so hopefully we’ll  be back to our usual 3 posts a week with more content than a rant about HomeGoods. For those of you who’re not into hockey, this past weekend was… Continue reading Quick & Easy Fan Shirt


HomeGoods is for Lazy People

So I ducked into HomeGoods today for a 15 minute power stroll through their clearance sections and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at half of their selection. Don’t get me wrong, their party and glassware is awesome, but a lot of their other decor items are sooo simple to make. Take this offender:… Continue reading HomeGoods is for Lazy People


World [Market] Exploring

This past weekend was a rare one for me.  I didn’t have to be driving anywhere!  Instead of heading to Pittsburgh and Bill, or back to Philly to see my parents and childhood dear friends, or even just driving into the office for catch up work, I had no obligations of driving.  Needless to say,… Continue reading World [Market] Exploring

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It’s Raining! ~ Or A Baby Shower

It was a very busy weekend (hence delaying this post until Tuesday) with friends and family as we showered my Sister for her second baby girl due in May. My family is in the Philadelphia area, while I sometimes live in DC or Pittsburgh.  This made for a challenging planning process.  Officially, my Niece Leigh-anne… Continue reading It’s Raining! ~ Or A Baby Shower