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Trees Made From Paper Made From Trees

I haven't yet revealed all of the decorating that has gone down around here (you know, always a work in progress...) but thought I'd share a quick little project in the meantime. I first saw these magazine trees on Our Life In A Click and thought they were too cute (and easy) to pass up!… Continue reading Trees Made From Paper Made From Trees

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Rudolph Candy Cane Treats

Hermey the Elf won't approve of these treats!  You know who I'm talking about.  The elf that Rudolph befriends because he'd rather be a Dentist than a toy maker. Really, is it so bad to want to clean teeth instead of make trains? Though, if it was because he didn't want to play with Legos… Continue reading Rudolph Candy Cane Treats

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I Hope They’ll Covet This Wine Cork Trivet

In Honor of the Dare to DIY Challenge levied by Decor and the Dog with Maybe Matilda, NewlyWoodwards, and Two Twenty One, I spent the weekend finally getting on a few projects that are a bit more holiday appropriate.  Including getting my DIY Gifting on, along with this project - The Wine Cork Trivet. While… Continue reading I Hope They’ll Covet This Wine Cork Trivet

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From Ugly Lamp to Pretty Cloche

You know those moments.  You're walking along minding your own business when BAAM you're hit with inspiration.  Well while on a recent trip to the Pittsburgh Habitat ReStore I found this ugly old lamp.  (At left in the 'before' part of the Pinterest worthy pic) We've all read in blogland about boob lights, right?  Well… Continue reading From Ugly Lamp to Pretty Cloche

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Store Bought Candle Re-imaged

Yankee Candles.  They sure are potent aren't they?  I don't typically burn them for long because of this detail, and therefore take a while to burn through them.  I had one such candle sitting on my dresser and one night, tossed my phone up there and SMASH!  My heart stopped for a moment when I… Continue reading Store Bought Candle Re-imaged

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Happy Birthday, Bill!

One of the drawbacks of long distance is not always getting to be together on special days. Fortunately I thought ahead to be sure he'd have his birthday presents, even if I couldn't be there the day of.  AND it gave me the prefect opportunity to use this awesome faux bois wrapping paper I got… Continue reading Happy Birthday, Bill!

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Before Hurricane Sandy Takes all the Leaves – a Fall Wreath

So it's the last week in October.  I'd say it's high time we swap out our summer wreath for a fall one, huh? Why had I put it off so long?  Ohhh just a little fear of crafter's chaos.  I'm sure you've found your kitchen table looking a little like this before. You may recognize… Continue reading Before Hurricane Sandy Takes all the Leaves – a Fall Wreath

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Passport Shadowbox ~ Inexpensive Art – The Pinterest Challenge, Fall Edition!

It's that time again for Bower Power & Young House Love's Pinterest Challenge!  So I finally got off my butt and put together a sweet little piece of artwork that I've been meaning to do for MONTHS. As I discussed on Wednesday's post, Bill and I have a bit of a passion for travel, especially… Continue reading Passport Shadowbox ~ Inexpensive Art – The Pinterest Challenge, Fall Edition!

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B Loves B ~ Inexpensive Art

Confession; I am a bit wedding obsessed.  I was before I met Bill, but it only became worse after.  Fortunately he's a good sport about it, and even gets excited about little details he thinks might be fun too.  (Penn State creamery ice cream shipped to a destination wedding?  WHY NOT?!  You haven't lived 'til… Continue reading B Loves B ~ Inexpensive Art

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The story of How I Met Your Mother’s Duvet – A DIY Duvet Cover Part 2

Kids, where we last left off, Beth was struggling to finish piecing together a duvet cover when she hit a bit of a snag. It turns out, the measurements listed on Target's sheets refers to the raw materials size - NOT the finished product.  So, after I had managed to finish all but the last… Continue reading The story of How I Met Your Mother’s Duvet – A DIY Duvet Cover Part 2

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That’s a Spicy Rack! ~ A Kitchen Spices Storage Solution

We have a tiny kitchen.  The stove crammed next to the sink, about a wing's worth of space to the fridge and then you're out the door into our dining nook.  It's a 1.5 butt kitchen and space is a premium.  We've previously embraced the open shelf look with a quick Ikea look, and though… Continue reading That’s a Spicy Rack! ~ A Kitchen Spices Storage Solution

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Spooky Mod Podge Candles

OhModgeGod! Yes, I'm making it happen, and no Mean Girl will stop me. I saw this post on CraftyScrappyHappy where she upcycled a Bath and Body Works candle by screen printing a pretty lace pattern on it. They came out beautiful and they inspired me to try my own version, only I don't have the… Continue reading Spooky Mod Podge Candles

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Olive Ewe ~ Inexpensive Art

You may have notice a bit of artwork in our RASTafari reveal. Well, here's the quick tale of a post-it note from the heart. You see, the obvious drawback of living in two different places is that Bill and I don't get to see each other nearly as much as we wish we could.  To… Continue reading Olive Ewe ~ Inexpensive Art

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Z Gallerie Inspired Picture Frame

Ok, I'll admit it, I may be a bit obsessed with Chevron print.  And I've been dying to bring it off my Pinterest boards and into my life.  But it's so bold and wonderful I decided to start small by dressing up my drab gray cubicle at work with a picture frame. I originally fell… Continue reading Z Gallerie Inspired Picture Frame