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Hey girl. June 2013 in Review

Fewf!  What a month!  June brought a number of great projects and tasty treats too.  Like our Hot Cocoa Banana Muffins.  Bill clearly enjoyed them.  See?! So let’s take a look at all the the crazy things we were up to! Wreath – White-washed for Summer! Taking Palmolive® Soft Touch to Task Easy Houseplant Care New Dishes!… Continue reading Hey girl. June 2013 in Review

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Summer Lounging

Ok, so all the blogosphere is sharing their beautiful patios and outdoor living rooms with their awesome DIY tables and other furniture (check out Michelle’s table that she got her husband Nate to build, awesome!  Or this sad cast-off table that Greg and Ashley rescued from the curb-side and finished!) These projects first make me… Continue reading Summer Lounging

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A ‘Shop From What You Have’ Wreath – White-washed for Summer!

I’m going to apologize as I do not have any in-process or tutorial type pictures of this one.  We needed a wreath, but I didn’t really have any spare change to get a form and fancy ribbons etc etc.  Then, inspiration struck late one evening when it seems my Aunt was sleepless as well. So… Continue reading A ‘Shop From What You Have’ Wreath – White-washed for Summer!

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Decor Shopping in Poole

After our adventure to Christchurch, we decided to keep local and walk about Poole, our adopted city for the trip.  By this point, my friend Erin was with us, and really she’s one of the best shopping buddies around, so what better time to find the downtown shops? And of all the shops we went… Continue reading Decor Shopping in Poole

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Hey girl. April 2013 in Review

April, where did you go!  There was a lot of roller-coaster weather and still a pretty good smattering of projects despite some blogging MIA. And to keep the new tradition going, we’ll start this recap off with a little Hey Girl action… If you missed last month’s recap, here’s the two Hey Girls for March.… Continue reading Hey girl. April 2013 in Review


HomeGoods is for Lazy People

So I ducked into HomeGoods today for a 15 minute power stroll through their clearance sections and I couldn’t help but roll my eyes at half of their selection. Don’t get me wrong, their party and glassware is awesome, but a lot of their other decor items are sooo simple to make. Take this offender:… Continue reading HomeGoods is for Lazy People

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Hey girl. March 2013 in Review

March has largely been marked by climate griping and Ikea adventures.  We’re seriously going to turn into Swedish Meatballs if we’re not careful.  Here’s a couple of funny Hey Girls that were from our Ikea adventures in March. If you missed last month’s recap, here’s the Hey Girl from February: And now, without further ado,… Continue reading Hey girl. March 2013 in Review

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Scrap-wood Paper Towel holder

We’ve mentioned it before when talking about our new wall mounted cutting board, or when we added the new spice rack.  We just don’t have a lot of space in our kitchen. Having space on the counter for a nice paper towel holder just isn’t an option.  (Which is a shame since my Dad made… Continue reading Scrap-wood Paper Towel holder

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Fridge Flourishes

It is cliche, but sometimes it really is the little things. During one of the FIVE stops at a Target we made this past weekend (are we the only ones who find ourselves detouring to Target whenever we’re in a new place?  The prices and what’s on clearance are always different!) we came across some… Continue reading Fridge Flourishes

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Hey girl. January 2013 in Review

Today’s bonus post is specially brought to you by my laziness for not having done a January recap post sooner, and by the funny link party being hosted by Michelle (Decor and the Dog),  Kelly (View Along the Way), Chelsea (Two Twenty One), Bliss (Bliss Ranch) and Ashley (Domestic Imperfection). So obviously I HAD to… Continue reading Hey girl. January 2013 in Review

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Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 2

Before heading east for the holiday, we had a mini-Christmas with Bill’s family at his Mom’s house. There was some SERIOUSLY tasty pizza (i know pizza sounds un-festive for a family holiday celebration, but you haven’t had this pizza – I mean, DELICIOUS stuff! Just sad they’re too far from the apartment to deliver!) and… Continue reading Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 2

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Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 1

FINALLY after a few days of patient waiting time, my laptop seems to be back to it’s old self… save for an extremely sticky keyboard… did I mention that it was Vitamin Water? Opps… But here ya go, a much delayed recap of Christmas – materialism style. This Christmas was technically our 3rd, but it… Continue reading Twas A Very DIY Christmas – Part 1

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I Hope They’ll Covet This Wine Cork Trivet

In Honor of the Dare to DIY Challenge levied by Decor and the Dog with Maybe Matilda, NewlyWoodwards, and Two Twenty One, I spent the weekend finally getting on a few projects that are a bit more holiday appropriate.  Including getting my DIY Gifting on, along with this project – The Wine Cork Trivet. While… Continue reading I Hope They’ll Covet This Wine Cork Trivet